About Life Studios

Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHERS

Capturing your wedding with contemporary elegance

About Life Studios Inc

Our team of photo/video experts will take the time to really get to know you and your style. As a result, they’ll be aware of how to not only capture the ESSENCE of your special occasion – but how to tell your story in an exciting and dynamic way (without leaving out all of the delightfully candid, intimate, special smiles in between).

Experience the magic of being able to have and to hold your memories – and to be able to relive them as often as you’d like.

LIFE STUDIOS INC. is a boutique wedding studios comprised of a Multi-Award Winning Team of only the best international creatives and experts in wedding production.

With over 20 years of combined experience across Cinematography and Photography – and with a broad background in film production, commercials, fashion, documentaries, TV and broadcast, you’ll fall in love with the work we do. That’s our vow to you.

Our Approach

Ever started telling a funny story, only to realise your audience isn’t amused as you are? You end it by saying “you had to be there” because everyone knows – the value in a story lies in the way it’s told.

We’re passionate about telling EVERY couple’s distinctive story in a way that’s best received. By using our cinematic approach, we think well outside the average box. In fact, we work within the world of creativity – promising each couple something beautifully unique, contemporary and timeless.

We regard every wedding as a work of art, requiring much more than mere shooting and filming. We are committed to working wonders for every wedding we’re involved in.

We’ll showcase the finest details of your special day and give you an invaluable wedding gift – one to be cherished for the rest of your blissfully wedded life.


Our heart is to capture each couple’s distinctive style by using a Contemporary Cinematic approach.


We never miss the moments. You know the ones: the adoring looks, the stolen glances, the laughs, the tears, the clinking glasses, the kisses. Our expertise is in providing a seamless experience. As a crew, that means not getting in the way, being where you want us to be, and capturing the best of your big day.

We’ll meet ahead of time to plan and discuss locations and details. We’ll take note of your specific requests and ‘must-have’ shot list. We consider even the most basic but important factors, like knowing which guests to focus on. What matters to you, matters to us. This will mean that the final product is a literal reflection of your taste and style – combined with our workmanship to make it a reality.

We shoot in a variety of formats and can always work within your budget, while never compromising quality.


The art is in the edit. Life Studios Inc. will provide you a finely crafted piece that is your story. Beautifully told.

As we curate every “chapter” of your story as a couple, we work towards radically high creative standards. ‘Average’ simply isn’t our style. Your love is extraordinary. Your lives are unique. We’ll make sure the deliverables are nothing less.


When your masterpiece is composed and complete, we’ll provide you with a finished keepsake in digital or print format.

Most clients prefer delivery on a personalised USB drive to ensure the highest digital media quality. We also offer the option of albums and prints, including uploading to an online gallery.


Your life doesn’t end after marriage. It’d be our absolute honour to work with you throughout every season of your extraordinary life journey.

As a lifetime media company, we’ll capture every moment you want to cherish. At Life Studios Inc. anything that’s important to your life; is important to our life’s work.


Life Studios employs a team of 40 photographers and videographers for weddings all over Australia & North America. The core team represents our department directors and lead consultants.
Chris Mekhail


Creative Director – Australia

Chris oversees our day-to-day operations and is our lead consultant for each couple in Sydney, Australia.



Executive Producer – Australia & Canada

With years of experience in Cinematography, Editing, and Production, Jacob will coordinate and oversee your vision for the perfect film and images.



Director of Operations – Australia & Canada

Christine oversees the high-level operations for Australia and Canada.